Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hi!!  Hope you are having a good week so far!!
Last weekend we went away, visited friends and family and had a lovely time shopping to finish off the weekend.  Now I rarely ever spend money on myself.  I have no problem spending money on the kids and hubby too but when it comes to myself, I just think no not today!!!  Although I am happy to spend it on scrappy things........maybe that's why I feel quilty for buying myself clothes etc.  Anyways,  just look at all these pretties I managed to find :)  Absolutely loving the styles at the moment of pretty, lacy and feminine!  I have been looking for a pair of the denim shorts with the lace on the edges for a while but they are always so short, like up your bottom!!!  I certainly don't wear them like that (don't think I would even if I could....lol) but these were an appropriate length, just too cute!!!!  This should keep me going for a while before my next big shopping spree :)

Check out these cute superheros :)  Haha, cracks me up, Mason looks so huge in this pic!!  These boys certainly keep me on my toes.  In fact one is beside me now with a Bumblebee Transformer mask on....lol!!  They love superheros.

Now to share another creation with you all.  Just some fun with a mix of things again, I am enjoying creating these "just because" layouts!!!  Just enjoying the creative process and having fun :):)

The papers I used were MME, Glitz and American Crafts. 

Okay, gotta go play with my Bumblebee and nearly time to walk over and get the big boy :)
Thanks for visiting!!


Maria said...

Beautiful layout Stacey. love the colour combo!!

Некрасова Светлана said...

Потрясающе красиво!!!

Romy said...

Wow, such a stunning page! Your use of textures is amazing!

Lizzyc said...

Wow your shopping looks really lovely, enjoy wearing them... and I am like you too, I love buying clothes for my daughter but find it harder to buy for myself.. probably cos it is easier to find nice things for her!! Love the photo of your boys, can imagine it on a scrap layout too!! and your layout is absolutely amazing, so full of color and texture and fabulous layers.. beautiful as always!! have a great week.. the weather has been stunning here can only imagine what it is like up the coast!

Janene said...

Awesome layout yet again. Love it. You and felicity Rock the AC/Crate/Studio/MME look like nobody else.