Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shimmerz shares....

Hi lovely blog readers!  Just popping in with a couple of Shimmerz shares that I haven't had a chance to share here yet :)
These are the Shimmerz products I have used on my first creation:
Texturez in Gritty Graphite and Sandy Stone
Shimmerz in Tickle Me Turquoise, Jilted Jade and Ultra Marine
Spritz in Licorice, 4 Leaf Clover, Sapphire and Mango Madness
I have used the MME Fly collection here.....definitely one of my fave collections at the moment!!  I love it and the Shimmerz just enhances it even more :)
SO my cute bubba boys aren't always so cute!!!  They seem to fight a lot atm so moments like these I cherish....lol!!!!  Kids huh!  How can they get on so well one minute and not the next :(
"Makes Me The Happiest"

Some stamping and adding some water to the Shimmerz pots for a water colour effect.

Loads of flickers and spots.  I also love adding a darker coloured Shimmerz (here I used Ultra Marine) under my embellishments.  It makes them stand out more and gives your page more depth almost like a shadow effect.

Some super cute flags and wood clips.

Masking and just love using the enamel dots at the moment too!!

Here is my second layout......
Anyone who know's my creations will know I rarely ever use the colour Red.  I was creating this piece and it just wasn't quite working for me and then out of nowhere I thought "I need something to pop off this page"!!  I looked at my photo trying to find some inspiration and I spotted the little patch of grass (or maybe it's a weed....lol)  just to the left of Kobi on the swing.  I then grabbed the Sour Apple Dazzlerz and it worked an absolute treat.  What do you think??
Dazzlerz in Sour Apple
Spritz in Licorice and Carribean Sunset
Shimmerz in Ultra Marine, Tickle Me Turquoise and Jilted Jade
Plus more MME papers :)
"Yes You Are Awesome"

I really love the end result of this one, it's pretty cool!!

I love how the Shimmerz sits on the Hambly transparency sheets, it adds some really great effects (but does take a little to dry) :)

Love the little bow tie............

I will leave it there tonight, I have loads more to share......I even whipped up 3 "just because" layouts while I was away at our holiday house last week......okay, here's hoping I can make it back here soon!
Hugs xo


Anonymous said...

Your layots are so wonderful! Love them all! :)

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful layouts Stacey! Happy to see you creating :)

Romy said...

You always do such amazing boy lay-outs and these are no exception! Love them!

Tara Orr said...

I just seriously love everything you do - everything you touch is pure gold. Your style is so uniquely yours and I adore it. I could never dream of replicating anything you do which is probably why I just stare in awe at every project you create! LOVE it Stacey!

Unknown said...

Amazingly creative and just a delight to see :) LOVE the pop of bright green on that second one, perfection!

Lizzyc said...

These are incredibly amazing.. so many details, I keep looking and finding more to love.. beautiful creations.. and I do love the bow tie too!!

Dianne H said...

Stunning layouts. Love all the detail and layering. Looking fwd yo seeing what is yet to come. Thanks so much for the wonderful parcel received today.

Denise van Deventer said...

Gorgeous projects....soooo love your styling!