Friday, November 30, 2012

PP and Kobi is 4!!!

Hi everyone, so sorry for the lack of posts here lately!  I have been so busy with life and so many scrap commitments that just can't be shared yet!  Here is one that has been shared over on the Pink Paislee blog.  I used a mix of Portfolio, Artisan Elements and a touch of Spring Jubilee.  I was inspired to use these colours purely because of what the boys where wearing :)
"Little Brothers"

Loads of layering as per normal ;)

And here is the sketch from Valerie Salmon that I created this layout from........

So this little man turned 4 last weekend!!!!!  He woke up on Sunday morning (Saturday was his birthday) and said "Am I going to kindy today Mum, I'm 4 now".  Awww, poor sweetie, had to explain to him that it isn't until after Christmas time!  He  just wants to be a big boy like Cooper and have all of his own friends :)
He also had his immunisations this week, such a brave boy, no tears!!  He also weighed in at 14.5 kg's.........woohoo!!!!  He is making a nice little path for himself just under the 10th centile!  We worry about him being so small but our Doc doesn't feel any need for concern, she just called him a pocket rocket, he certainly is that!!!
So just a couple of pictures of Kobi for his 4th birthday!  Do you like my cake I whipped up Saturday!!! 
Love you my handsome little man :)

On Sunday, my bestie had her bubba girl, I can't wait to meet her in January and oh, the photos I am going to take of her!!!  She has a huge mop of long black hair :)  Be ready Sianne, Aunty Stace is going to go gaga over you!!!!
Okay, I need to get off here, my December Daily is calling me!!!  I finished my cover last night, now to get started on the pages!!  Keep it simple, keep it simple......I keep telling myself!!!!
Have a beautiful weekend and thankyou for popping by, I promise I will have more to share soon xo


TheGirlWhohadAScrappingAddiction said...

What a fantastic layout, papers are so perfect for the photo, love the layers, what a gorgeous little boy too! Bye until next time! Your no.1 stalker.

Felicity Wilson said...

YA Stace your doing a daily december :))) You will love it, but simple is best!!
LOVE all that yellow on that page.
Happy Happy birthday to Kobi :))
Love the cake, super cute.
Happy weekend XO
PS ya she had a bubba girl!! :)

Vicky Varvadouka said...

Happy bday!!!! Yummy cake!!! Totally in love with your banner!!! Great work!!!

Eva said...

Beautiful Layout with cute details and nice colors!!! It's very nice!!!
Congratulations Kobi!!! Happy birthday Kobi!!!
Hugs and kisses.
Kind regards;) Eva

Lizzyc said...

HI... I am in awe of your scrap layout.. such a lot to look at.. really amazing layers.. and wow your boy is 4.. they say good things come in small packages.. I say Kobi is one of those special packages.. he is so very cute!!

Evgenia Petzer said...

love it so much!

Melinda said...

Gorgeous happy layout Stace! The yellow and blue with the blue looks stunning! Happy 4th Birthday to Kobi..I have a little boy here too that has been waiting since he turned 4 in October to go to ready for it aren't they! Enjoy your week with your gorgeous boys...not long till the school holidays! Take care :)xo

Kate said...

aww happy birthday Kobi!! what a sweetheart he is :) love your creations- the layout and the party decs!! love ya darl :) x

Anita Tillman said...

Hi Stace - oh how I just love your style - so amazing and inspiring!!!! I was hoping you could help me please... in your layout'Every Day I Love You', can you tell me the name of the larger flowers (there is a blue and an orange and white one and they are kind of a star shape with like bubble type paint on them (hope that makes sense lol!) ... I have been searching for them EVERYWHERE and cannot seem to find them... if you could let me know the name of them I would be so grateful... thank you and thank you for your beautiful inspiration!!! xoxoxo Anita