Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prima Love

Today on the Prima blog my work is being featured........thought I would share the post here too plus a couple extra closeups:)
Hello everyone, it's been such a long time since I had my last post here (on the Prima blog), so I am totally thrilled to share with you some of my Prima creations.  The first 3 creations were created for CHAS and haven't been shared here yet and my last creation is a new layout with a short step x step process for you to try.  So lets get to it. 
 First up is a layout featuring the Rondelle collection.  I rarely create on a dark background but this piece of paper really helped me create something a little more "boyish" out of this line.  I loved the diamond shape paper which I cut up, distressed and added them to my page with foam tape for dimension. 
"So Happy You are My Son"
 The flowers this release would have to be some of my favourites ever, the colours, the roses!! I tell you, I was in Prima flower heaven creating for CHA this year.


Product list:

#559007 Rondelle Alphabet Stickers
#844615 Rondelle Collection "Cabriole"
#844646 Rondelle Collection "Sovienne"
#844639 Rondelle Collection "Etude"
#844622 Rondelle Collection "Pavanne"
#891480 Fly Away Shabby Chic Resin
#559373 Tea Thyme Cling Stamps
#559687 Romance Novel Vintage Trinkets
#562427 Timido Rondelle
#562441 Plume Rondelle
#561437 Interlude
#561550 Prelude
#561475 Serenade
#561369 Encore
#561352 Encore
#561482 Serenade
#561413 Prelude
Next up is a canvas mixed media piece I created.  I used a new Donna Downey mask here in my background along with some new trinkets, flowers and my own personal touch of the seashells.  I kept the tone of this layout very natural and whitewashed.

"Beach Boys"


Just some closeups, I used loads of Shimmerz on this canvas piece:)  I also made a chipboard beach hut too.

Product list:

#560508 SIIC
#560522 SIIC
#559922 Vintage Trinkets Keys
#5596070 Vintage Trinkets
#891466 Dell 'Arte'
#844967 Romance Novel "Harlequin"
#562649 Au Naturale
#562687 Au Naturale
#561574 Soubrette
#5613252 Encore
If you have got your hands on the new Prima products then you may have noticed in some of the packaging a pennant banner you can cut up.  I loved the patterns in this so much I added my own little banner to this trinket box I altered.  Add loads of new flowers to the top along with some new resin pieces and there you have a pretty new trinket box.

Product list:

#561994 Aria
#562151 Bel Canto
#561482 Serenade
#561369 Encore
#561406 Interlude
#891480 Fly Away Shabby Chic Resin
#891497 Parlor Shabby Chic Resin
Lastly I have a recent layout to share with you plus a short tutorial on how I created the background.  I used a mixture of the new line "Zephyr" and a little bit of Almanac to neutralise the background.  I really love the brights of the Zephyr collection but I only took the blues and yellows from the collection to match in with my picture. 



First step, using a Donna Downey mask, I applied gesso to it in 2 sections on my background piece of paper.  One in the bottom right hand corner and the other halfway up the page on the left hand side bearing in mind that some of the mask effect would be covered.

Next up I applied some mists to the centre of the page and also allowed the mist to run down the page.

I tore a section of the page a short way up on the left hand side with my fingers and curled the edges over.  I cut out a square shaped piece of paper and placed it under the torn section.

This is were I begin my layering.  I tore paper and distressed the edges allowing all of the sides to curl up.  I also tore a piece of calico letting the threads hang off the edges.  I then applied a journal note and lastly added a long piece of string made into a lasso for my picture to sit on.  At this point you can see the texture this as already made to the creation.

I distressed the whole way around the layout and placed another piece of paper under it.  This also helps with a weighty layout and keeping it firm and flat.  I tore small pieces of cardboard and placed them in various areas of my layout.  These were then whitewashed with Gesso.

I then proceeded to add my photo along with all of the extra embellishments, flowers, buttons and  trinkets.

Product List:
#844486 Zephyr "Tempore"
#844509 Zephyr "Parfait"
#844493 Zephyr "Zephyr"
#844127 Almanac "Shaffer"
#559731 Vintage Trinkets Zephyr
#543372 SUmmer Carnation
#560591 SIIC
#559311 Wood Buttons Zephyr
#538668 Fairytale Rose
#891480 Shabby Chic Resin Fly Away
#922139 Donna Downey Mask
#562144 Bel Canto
#561413 Interlude
#561703 Soprano
Thanks for checking out my Prima shares:)  Have a wonderful day xo


Lizzyc said...

Hi.. These are amazing.. I am in awe of your creating.. truly you are an incredibly talented artist.. and thanks for the step by step.. I am still in amazement at how detailed your layouts are.. well done.. love em so much!!

Maiko Kosugi (mai*) said...

Love your Designs and Details.
SO Beautiful!!

Kate said...

they are just amazing, you must have LOVED playing with the new ranges :) mwah!! <3

Marbel said...

A beautiful work, lovely. Greetings.

Marbel said...

A beautiful work, lovely. Greetings.

Miae said...

Thanks you for sharing!!

Zeneva said...

Just love your work. Thanks so much for sharing.

Melinda said...

WOW Stace these are simply breathtaking! They are all so beautiful and full of gorgeous them! Hope you and your gorgeous boys are well! :))xx

Felicity said...

Geez whiz woman.. your unreal, I tell you.. JUST LOVE what you do and all your little 'behind the scenes' and step and step photos...
AWESOME work sweets :)) x

Thuria said...

I really love your "work"!!! It is so beautiful! The Prima flowers are incredible, too. And thanks for sharing how you create your layouts.

jacirascrap said...

Uau!!! UAU! Seus projetos tem muito amor! Muita magia! Muita dedicação! è um outro mundo! Um scrap que adoraria conseguir fazer...Lindo!!!