Monday, October 10, 2011

Prima layouts!

Hi lovely blog readers:)  My gosh I am so behind with sharing my work here!  Here are my latest Prima designs.  These have all been shared on the Prima blog so you may have already seen them:)  The first one using Alla Prima!  Just love this piccie of Cooper at the beach from last year. 


It was fun writing the title over the picture, I don't do that very often!

Gorgeous new flowers, Solitaire and Jardinere (in Alla Prima) and SIIC.

I know have 2 layouts using the adorable Pixie Glen. 

"Growing Sweeter Everyday"

A couple of closeups:)

"Blessed x 3"

Lots of Resin here + Reflections and the cute little birds nest with 3 eggs for my 3 boys!

I hope you enjoyed my Prima layouts today:)

Now I just want to write down a few little notes about adorable Master M.  He has just turned 4 months old.
- you are 8kg (yes, he is our big bopper), so that makes him 2 kg's off Kobi and he's only 4 MONTHS old....hehe!
- you are 63.5cm long
- you have only rolled a couple of times from your belly to back
- you have 5 bottles a day, we have tried solids but not quite ready yet
- you get more and more like your daddy everyday but I'm pretty sure you're a Mumma's boy
- you are so happy, content and smiley and love attention
- you are blonde (woo hoo) and blue eyed.......for now
- you are starting to dribble lots
- you have the cutest squeals, giggles and other noises

I could go on and on all day about you Mason, you are the sweetest little guy and we all love you to bits:)

Hoping you all have a wonderful week......I am sure I will be back soon, I told you I had alot to share!!!
Hugs xo


Di Garling said...

As usual Stacey, these are all absolutely stunning. Lovely work. Cheers Di xx

Thuria said...

Your pages are so marvelous, I can't find my words!!! I love them all! Your work is gorgeous. I'am wondering how long it takes you to make one page! Bravo!!!!

~Marlene Krogh~ said...

You make gorgeous layouts !!!! Love the layering and the way you mix the colors.... Absolutely beautiful !!!

Kate said...

He is so different from Cooper and Kobi!! But what a cutie pie!! love your pages as per usual stace, they are gorgeous xox

Lizzyc said...

HI.. oh this little bub of yours is delicious! those eyes!! wow.. and these layouts.. really really beautiful... i cant find the words to lift you up enough with your style and all the embellishments you use.. truly a class of your own.. outstanding...

Blossom inch said...

my oh my Stacey, no words can describe how beautiful your pages are and everything are just so perfect, attention to details, colors, layering, dimension and all in between just making me blown away. Cute pics of our kids and Mason is just so adorable! thanks for sharing and I will keep on coming back for more. Hugs, Yuzz

Tusia said...

Your layouts amaze me all the time! Absolutely stunning!

Shell said...

Stacey you blow my mind every time I visit your blog. I especially LOVE your beachy LOs always my favs. How adorable is little Mason and those big blue eyes, just gorgeous!!! xx

Liz Weber said...

Wow Wow Wow Stacey, whenever I need to brighten up my day I come to your blog for a peek. Love the amazing photos of your boys, love the way you use all the flowers and found items on your layouts, it works amazingly well. TFS! Thanks for the blog visit, always lovely to hear from you. Keep up the great work Stacey!

Einat Kessler said...

Your LO's are beautiful. I love the soft, gentle and pretty color combination. Your LO's give a truely magical atmosphere and a really captivating feeling.

Lydell said...

Oh absolute treasure trove of gorgeousness!!!! And how your dear little man had grown. He is such a cutie!!!!

Jod said...

This is the cutest pic. What a cheeky little monkey!