Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My layout for The Color Room palette #57


Some closies.......we recieved chippies from Imaginarium this month....this birdcage is just gorgeous, all I did was distress it with paint and added on a Prima bird rubon:)

Lots of details and layering as usual....also notice my white space...woo hooo!!!!! 

So Mother's Day this year didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it to but we have postponed our little outing for this weekend:):)  I woke up Sunday morning feeling so horrible.  I really couldn't put my finger on what that feeling was, just felt SICK!!!  So by lunch Tim took me up to the Mater to get bubs checked out and bubby is perfectly healthy with it's little heartbeat going ten to the dozen on the moniter, it instantly made me feel a little better knowing that.  I then just slept and lazed the day away.  Monday I still felt off but by the afternoon I came good.  The boys have had colds and bouts of asthma last week and just last night poor little Coop's complained of a belly ache and then vomited in our come 2am this morning we were changing sheets and comforting the poor little man.  I kept him home from Kindy today but he has been fine all day.  I just think give us all you can now because we don't want it in 3 or so weeks time when bub arrives.
So that's been us for the last few days.....alls good though and could be much worse!

Thanks for dropping by xo


Jasmine S said...

I love the white with the touch of colors in this LO. Just gorgeous.
Hope the kiddies are feeling better and OMG, 3 weeks to go. How exciting.

Jules said...

Love Love LOve it stace.... just gorgeous. hope you are feeling ok and catching up on sleep.. :)) x

Mel said...

Beautiful layout.

Shame about Coops being so sick - I hope Tim did the washing! ;)


Jolanda said...

awe,amazing,like always!

lizzyc said...

oh dear... not good with the sickness.. seems to be the season for it i think... but as for the layout.. how AAAMAZZINGG!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! i love the butterfly and the beachy embellies are divine!!
take care of yourself hey!!