Thursday, April 21, 2011

6 and half weeks to go..........

 And counting!!!!  Phewwww, what a busy couple of weeks I have had.  Easter parade went off without a hitch (I will post piccies soon) and we won our catergory....YAY!!!!!!!  Everyone had so much fun so that was the main thing:):)  Heading down to the Festival tonight to see Ben10 on well as Angelina and Peppa Pig....but it's all about Ben 10 for Coops!!

I took some pics of the boys the other day....I haven't been taking the best pictures of the boys lately but I really like the way these ones turned out:)

Last week we also had Cooper's Easter bbq at the Kindy.  The boys were totally freaked out about seeing the Easter Bunny (we had someone dress up) but by the end of the night Cooper told me he shook his hand......Kobi just clung to Daddy like glue!  These were the dodgy bunny ears we whipped up that afternoon but they still look a bit cute in them:)

And our precious at 30ish weeks.  Had a doc app today, everything seems great.....only put on about 5 or 6 kilos so far!!  Doesn't mean my hips still aren't killing me!  Starting to get sore and uncomfortable.  Now that the Kindy float is over with I can now get more things organised for bubby, I want to make a canvas, rub back and paint my rocking chair, sort out carseats etc etc.......because the weeks are flying by and bubs will be here before we know and we are sooooooo excited!!

Lastly I will leave you with a fun little layout I did a couple of weeks ago.....Sassy cuteness here!

"I Love Your Cheese Smile" 

Thanks for visiting me today and I hope to back sooner rather than later......I wish you all a wonderful, happy, safe and fun Easter xo


Toni Cartwright said...

6 & a Half Weeks to go wow not long now!!! i bet you cant wait
Love these pics of your two boys just how cute, and what great shots..
Love this layout too wow the detail paint colours etc just all of it is fan fab u las.
YOu have a great easter too..

Lizzyc said...

so good to hear things are going great! these are such lovely photos of your boys!! and the layout is totally gorgeous as usual.. sending you blessings at Easter also..

Jules said...

oooh good luck with your preparations stace! congrats with the win too.... and great lo hon! have a happy and safe easter!! :)) x

Kate said...

you are so clever. the pics of the boys are gorgeous, they are changing so much stace xox

Jolanda said...

beautiful pics,wow and how much i love your work!!! pretty!!
And keep up....only a view weeks to go....take care!

Leeann Pearce said...

You take good care.... not long to go now... so can't wait to meet your new baby...oh how precious!!!

i must made more of the rainbow cloud s too.. i really love those!!!