Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My big boy is 4!!!

My gorgeous Cooper turned 4 yesterday!  I spent the day with him at kindy, he had a fantastic day and at the end of the night he said to Nanny "I had a really good birthday, Nanny,  and got lots of nice presents", so glad he had a wonderful day!

We have lots going on at Kindy atm.  I am in charge of organising the Easter float that we get to participate in for the Harbour Festival.  The theme this year is "Mad Hatter's" so it should be loads of fun.  I will post pictures when it all comes together in April.  He also has Old McDonald's Farm visiting in a couple of weeks time.  He still gets upset when I leave but it's not as many tears just a quivering lip....poor little man, it's breaks my heart.  He is definately my little Mumma's boy! 

So what is a post without a little bit of scrapping......I created this a few weeks ago just haven't got around to posting it here.  I finally used this October afternoon!!  I love the bunting paper, I just had to keep chopping it and layering it:)


Some closies and you can see the texture:)
Some Chip Chop Shop and Lil Red Rocket in there too!

I am off to have my 3D scan of bubs this week....ooooo a bit excited about that one!!  Hopefully we get to see a little face:)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far, thankyou for dropping by xo


Tania Martyns said...

you is incredibly talented, her work is fantastic, I am a long time Observers your pages.
The beauty of design, details, the set.
How can anyone be so creative?? lol!
I love everything you do!
Have a great weekend!

Dara Lynn said...

There is nothing sweeter in this world than the love of your boy! They grow up so fast! How fabulous is that layout Stacey!!! Love the layering of the bunting and all the fun-tastic layering that is your signature style. Thanks for sharing your blessings:)

Mel said...

Oh no, I forgot Cooper's birthday! What sort of friend am I?! I bet Cooper would have missed me calling to sing him Happy Birthday ;) I'll call tonight to give him that honour! :D

Can't wait to see the 3D scan, and your big belly soon! I was telling TK to get excited about seeing a 'freshie' in June too.

Big love.

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER!!! Love the gorgeous photo of him and WOW totally in love with your seaside layout!!

Jules said...

oh what a gorgeous little guy ... and i'm TOTALLY in love with that lo stace... omg its sensational you queen of layering you! x

Lizzyc said...

wow Happy birthday to the birthday boy!! they grow up so fast! sounds like you are going to be ssooo busy for a while!! i love this layout.. do much detail and layers and totally yumminess all over!! what can i say? i love visiting your bog for some extra scraptivity!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh what a gorgeous layout! I love how you've used the paper with the bunting - it's the best example I've ever seen! You are the layering queen, no doubt!!! BTW - thanks for the lovely comment on my page for Scrap the Girls. You never know - your bub could have you joining in heaps there! ;) Congrats by the way! Such exciting news! All the best! xo

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Hi - me again - duh, I just went back after posting the above comment and realised your comment was for my Kraft it Up layout. lol! Thanks!!! :D :D :D