Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally used my Sass!!!

I have had this Mix and Mend papers for ages, finally found the mojo to use it!!!  I also used Such Sweet Tierney baby boy buttons...aren't they cute!  Some more Hambly in there too.....told you I am addicted to it!
I really could watch this little guy sleep all day....he has the sweetest little face and tiny features, I can't help but give him sneaky little kisses while he is napping during the day:) 

"Watch You Dream"

This has alot of layering in it, a little bit more than normal:)

MLBOW cupcake button:)

Oh my throat is really sore and I'm feeling blah, so I will get off here and get some rest.  We are having a little weekend away this week so hopefully I feel better asap!
Mwah xo


Leanne J said...

that is so sweet.. and YEP heaps of layers..and OMG what a cute photo..they all do look so amazing when they are asleep.. helps you forget the... well... trying days sometimes.. awesome work Stace.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Stunning layout, Stacey! Get well soon! :D

Em said...

Wow Stacey! This is an outstanding layout. A really cool mix of citrus colours.
I hope you feel better soon x

Unknown said...

ahhhh...just so adorable!! Love the cute little elephant! Hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great weekend :) xx

Kate said...

beautiful stace!

Lizzyc said...

holey Doley!! this is stunning.. the layers are more delicious than a sara lee apple strudel!! i love the color and all the goodies.. too gorgeous for words!! hope you are feeling better!!xx

Leeann Pearce said...

oh feel better soon you here...and isn't that just the best paper ever... you have created an awesome awesome page!!!! i LOVE it!!!!

Lydell Quin said...

Looks amazing Stacey! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your weekend away!

Nicole said...

OMG girl *sigh* funny though I only used my mix and mend too :D guess you can say great minds

Hope you are feeling heaps better by now and enjoyed your weekend

yep we did get to the beach, kids LOVED it and I left my camera in the car for a change, little burnt, but not for smoothering myself in suncream. hmmmm.

Have a fantastic week hun


Unknown said...

Adorable layout!! Love the colors and all the buttons!