Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas xo

Just wanted to a quick post before Santa arrives tonight!!!  I made this mini album for mum of some of the Christmas photos I took of the family.  I also had to create a project using Such Sweet Tierney they are scattered through out the album:)  I have also come to the conclusion that I am NOT and off the page type of!!!  If you get lost in this album don't stress, so do I.....I think my style is not made for making such mini things!!!  Anyway, I got it done and Mum loves it all the same.

Palette #38 at the Color Room.  I almost didn't do this one but then thought I may not be able to get the next 2 done with being so busy.  I love the way this turned out and I would never in a million years have used these colours:):)

I have also used Purple Onion Design stamps again....the numbers (up to 8 as we have been married 8 years this February) and the mask.

I will leave you with another pic of my Cooper.  We are all so excited for tomorrow, hopefully the rain might steer clear and we can have a fun day hanging by the pool:)

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that Santa finds you tonight xo


Leanne J said...

oh My goodnesss.....

a Mini album done STacey Young style..and i think its freaking awesome.. wowzers...that is ...... wow...

and the layout is stunning as well.. man i love your work..
hope you have a super chrissy Stacey.... lots of love and sugar. leanne...

Her Essential Hand said...

That mini is um AMAZING. I love all the detail, true Stace style.
Love that page too for TCR, loving the colour combo.
Happy Christmas to you adn yours, may the magic begin :))))

Stephanie said...

That mini is stunning!!! Love it! You must do more Stacey-styled minis :)

Merry Christmas Sweetie!!!

Lizzyc said...

oh thank you Cooper.. it looks like you are offering us a candy cane!!!
the mini album is gorgeous and typical of your creations... lots of stunning color and loads to look at!!
i hope you get some sunshine tomorrow but i am sure your family will have a wonderful time together..
a big Merry Christmas to you and yours...i hope you unwrap lots of love this Christmas..xx