Thursday, November 25, 2010

My baby turned 2 + some scrappiness:)

So my little boy, Kobi, turned 2 yesterday.  I just wanted to share a couple of piccies and a few little details about him at this super cute milestone:)

- Just a wee little guy and weighs 9.7kg (I weighed him today and thought for sure he would of hit the 10kg mark.....)
- Wears size 0 clothes (but also 00 pants and 1 shirts)
- He just graduated out of crawler nappies
- His excema is much much better than this time last year
- Likes to copy his brother and does the occasional wee on the toilet (with no help mind you "no Mummy, I do it myself".....Mr Independent)
- Can count to 13
- Has a good little temper on him
- Loves meat and biscuits but is a picker and picks all day at foods
- Is still in his cot (and I ain't moving him yet as he sleeps ALL night for me)
- Loves dancing and singing songs
- Loves Iggle Piggle (In the Night Garden)
- Loves his brother to bits (infact he is very loving to all of us)
- Still not a lover of swimming but getting better
- Loves reading and can tell you everything in his word books

So this pic was taken yesterday on his actual birthday.....he has the cheekiest grin and will giggle at anything:)

These 2 were taken Sunday at the little party we had for him.  He just loved the Iggle Piggle party hat I made him.  It was a horrible, rainy day so the pics aren't the greatest but he had a ball anyway:):)  He sang Happy Birthday to was the cutest, we had been practising for a few days prior.

My 2 boys, how very lucky we are to have them:)

So just a couple of scrappy layouts to share that I made using Such Sweet Tierney Buttons.  London is having a sale in her shop too this weekend.  So pop over here to get 15% off your order:)

I just loved the colours in these buttons, I had to make the layout in the same tones.  Of course I used some Prima, The Chip Chop Shop and MLBOW. 

"Kooky Coop"

I have had this Hambly owl screenprint forever and finally was able to use it:)  I am really loving Hambly at the moment but I am finding it really hard to source, can anyone help me out and let me know where I can get some more screenprints from?

Now for the Christmas buttons.....awwww, it's getting to my favourite time of year.  This is a pic of Kobi from last year.  I can't believe that he wasn't even walking last Christmas!!  Hope fully in the next couple of weeks I will have some new Xmas pics of my 2 little elfs to share:)

"My Joy"

 Just a few more closeups....hope you don't mind:)  How cute and colourful are these buttons??

So that is about it for now, a new palette tomorrow at The Color Room and I will share my layout then:)

A couple of you lovely ladies asked me about the coral I used on the last layout.......unfortunately if I knew where I could get it from I would get loads more (and let you all know too), it's just so effective.  I actually had a really old hanging piece (which I got at the markets years ago) and it had shells and this coral stuff on it.  I pulled it all apart and made use of it in my layouts but now it is all gone and would love to find some more too:)

I hope you all have had a lovely week.....nearly the weekend!

Thankyou so much for visiting and your super sweet comments, I really appreciate it.


Kerryn said...

Happy birthday to your little man!

I LOVE LOVE both of those layouts, especially the first one! Love the colour :).

Liz Weber said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kobi, far out where did those 2 years go Stace!

LOVE the gorgeous photos of Cooper and Kobi, you can see how close they are, congrats on bringing up 2 lovely little boys!

Loving the gorgeous layouts - love what you did with the orange colours, so vibrant. Love the kooky title. Love all the closeups, love to see all your little cute bits and bobs.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

Felicity said...

Happy brithday to Kobi :)
Amazing pages, just being sitting here looking at them for hours.
thanks for always stopping by my blog too.
:) x

Leeann Pearce said...

me too...i'm in the same boat about hambly... and i want all the latest stuff not the old stuff...need to fin a good shop that can supply me with this yummy stuff...

oh and I just adore these bright colorful layouts and love how you used the branch too!

and just another happy birthday wishes for your boy!

lizzyc said...

oh happy birthday wishes to Kobi.. what a delightful little man he must be!! i love your layouts.. and the closeups just let me drool even more.. so keep em comin!! i love em all!!

Kim said...

Stacey you can buy directly from hambly, they have an online store its on their blog, you do have to pay international shipping but maybe if a few of you guys go in together it would be cheaper, I know of a couple of online stores who will be gettingthe new shipments in soon...my2angels and handmade bysuzanne...just waiting for preordrs to arrive, but try the hambly blog/store...gorgeous gorgeous layouts BTW

Rene' Sharp said...

I have just discovered your blog and I am blown away by your scrap pages, each is a little word of art, thanks for the inspiration. I am adding your blog to my faves! :)

mandysea said...

Forgot what train i was on for a moment!!!

Try again!!! Love your work! Its just gorgeous!! I'll definitely be back again!!

Tanya Tahir said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little guy! Your two boys are just beautiful, Stacey. I love love love these pages but especially the christmas one. And the buttons are just divine :)