Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend snaps:)

We had perfect weather over the weekend (and now it is cold again)....the water was still too cold to go in but it was fun just playing and collecting shells on the beach:)
We went back down to the beach again in the afternoon and I of course took more photos....I have had a lot of practise using my manual focus on my camera as I can't use my auto for some reason, I have to take it to someone to look at.

We have been teaching Kobi how to count and here he is with Tim counting with his fingers....he generally says......4....6.....8 and then a big "teeennn"!! It is too cute:) Sunday afternoon we had Paityn's 2nd birthday party. This is the cake her Mummy made for was so awesome, she did such a great job. I have already asked Krystin to make an Iggle Piggle one for Kobi's birthday:)
And my favourite photo of the birthday girl (or should I say fairy princess).....she is so adorable with her Angelina Jolie lips:) This picture is actually out of focus but with a bit of photoshop (I used the Guassain Blur) it now looks all fantasy-like!
Okay, that is about it for now....I do have some scrappy layouts to share but I will do another day, I am a bit sleepy!
Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite:)


Marie (aka Mazz) said...

what great photography skills you have! great for scrapping I would say too LOL what a great idea to share weekend snaps TFS {hug from me}

curlyqmosaics said...

That has to be the most gorgeous little girl picture I have ever seen! The soft blurred effect makes it even neater!

My cousin referred me to your blog as I am a SAHM of 2 boys as well. I am so glad she did, as I am one of your newest followers! : )

Felicity said...

some simply stunning photos.
Love that cake too :)x

Karen Wilson said...

Oooh grea photos!