Monday, April 26, 2010

Layouts, cards and might need a coffee:)

I rarely ever use purple on my layouts and lookie here I have 2 with purple in them:) My obsession with Prima flowers is still going!!! I am also getting over my phobia of boys layouts and lots of flowers! I took these pics of this little guy the other day, he had a water pistol trying to wet me and thought it was the funniest thing ever:)
This one is for the Color Room (palette #3)..... Easter Egg Hunting and he had to sit down and count all his eggs and eat some along the way:) See my cute little basket I made and the MLBOW egg pins fitted perfectly!
A couple of cards now, the first was for an engagement and the second was for the wedding we went to yesterday......I had to squish it in the wishing well, so I hope it survived!!

Lastly a layout of both my boys enjoying an iceblock of their favourite things (just a homebrand water!!!!) So much going on in this one, see if you can spot all the Such Sweet Tierney buttons, also Leeann's cloud button, some Sass and a whimsy icecream tucked in there too:):) It all makes me happy:)
Okay, now onto some pics...we had this beautiful, beautiful wedding on Saturday. Had loads of fun and have taken loads of pics to sort through.
Is this not the most stunning bride you have ever seen? Me and my gorgeous hubs, he is so reluctant to have his pic taken but after I made him have a gazillion with me we got a good one:):) Does anyone out there actually have a husband/boyfriend who likes having his picture taken?? I think it may be!!!

My beautiful boys and me, not the greatest pic but still us.....I am trying to train the little ones early to enjoy having photos taken:):) By the look on Kobi's face I think he may be just like Dad...doh!!!
LAstly, bribery gets you a long way....isn't he beautiful, he still kinda looks like "Mum, are you for real", I guess when you are a scrapbooking mum you will do all kinds of bribery to get a good shot...loL!!!!
Okay, enough of my rambling...I hope I didn't lose you half way!
Thanks for catching up with me and your kind comments, they make me smile:)


Kate said...

what a lovely wedding stace and gorgeous pics of you and the fam!! the prima really stands out beautifully on your pages. oh, and you know i love the sweet tierney buttons ;) xox

Julie said...

Oh my! Such beautiful layouts and photos.Thanks for sharing!

Leanne said...

absolutely amazing layout... wow... and yep a beautiful bride..and i hear ya on the photos.. yay but your family one is cute....

jillofallcrafttrades said...

as always amazing!I love the purple and green layout..its stunning!the quote,and photos,just awesome,you and your family looked lovely!

Shell said...

Oh LOVE it all. So much gorgeous inspiration Stace.
You totally rock the purple!
Cute piccies to. Especially like the last one of lil Cooper. Just look are those beautiful big brown eyes.

Mel said...

Jess looks so beautiful - more pics please!! :D

great cards, can't wait for my awesome b'day one! haha

mwah xoxox

PS - Hope Tim is feeling better after the 'chair' incident!! Too funny. x

Felicity said...

OH MY Golly gosh!!!
Those LOs are stunning and you look absoulelty gorgeous at the wedding :) xx

chrisw said...

Your layouts are gorgeous!

Jodie said...

Absolutely amazing work Stace, Your layouts rock, & the purple works well with the green & blue. The Tierney buttons are impressive too. Keep up the great work :-)

Belle à cropper said...

I think you're my discovery of the year !!! I had never seen your work before ! You have talent my friend ! I can't wait to go over your blog and see everything...


Tanya Tahir said...

wow wow and wow. Beautiful pages - I just love the dimension in all your work, soooo inspiring :) Gorgeous photos too, you have a beautiful family :)

Liz Weber said...

Wow Wow and Wow Stacey, you create such extraordinary layouts, so much to look at, so much gorgeousness and your photos are always so dreamy! Love your cards, they are very "you" and so pretty.

Gorgeous wedding photos and I hardly have any photos of my hubby so nope not just yours! LOL about the looks on Kobi and Coopers faces - Zane is that way lately!

All good here, thanks for the hello. Have a lovely week Stacey!