Saturday, February 20, 2010

Computer problems....

I have a new computer as of today! Hubby has changed jobs and therefore our Router/Modem was taken off us as his last company owned it (he worked from home). Anyways since last weekend we have been having major issue with the internet and trying to get it to work with the new equip. we bought. Thought we were onto a good thing after about his 3rd trip to Harvey Norman and comes back home to connect it up this morning and our old computer makes a big crack, sent the safety switch off and had a little smoke coming out of then off to get a new computer (thank god for interest free). I am so hopeless with computers so now I am back to square one and trying to learn this new Windows 7.

Anyway, I just have a little share which I did last week. It is Leeann's doodling sketch from over at The Boxx. Very fun to do but couldn't help but add some flowers and one of Jodie Butler's flowers. "Daddy's Got You Babe".

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. We had a 1st birthday party this afternoon, the boys had loads of fun and they won TWICE each at pass the parcel (lucky kidlets)!!

Thankyou so much for all the gorgeous comments you girls have been giving me lately....I wish I could scrap more often for you:):) Hugs to you all!



Kate said...

*shudder* at the computer problems stace. thats the last thing anyone wants to worry about :( beautiful layout, so bright and summery! hope you and your boys are well

Her Essential Hand said...

Love that LO.
eeek, at computer problems, glad your back on deck now
:) x

Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear about your computer woes... I know it can be so frustrating!

This layout is phenomenal! Love it!