Monday, March 9, 2009

Stay away Hamish!!!!!

Here's hoping cyclone Hamish continues to fizzle out and head further out to sea. He had everone worried for a bit there, yesterday we couldn't even get any tape or torches at Bunnings and Mum even tried to get bread last night and it had all gone. Fingers crossed he just fizzers and doesn't turn.

Well, my baby boy turned 2 on Saturday. He's seems like he has been here forever not just 2 years. We had a little party for him and a gorgeous Thomas cake, but he decided to cry when he saw the candles and then cried even more when everyone started singing happy birthday to him!! Oh well, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants too! Other than that he had a ball playing with all his little friends and opening his pressies. Here are some piccies of my birthday boy!

On the scrappy front here are a couple of layouts I have done in the last week or so. This one is of my beautiful family, I love them so so much!

This one is of my little star Kobi. I was so cranky with this one, I accidently sprayed Glimmermist on the photo so I reprinted it and cut around his face and mounted it over the top of the other photo. Oh well, it still came up all right!

Tim is heading to America early Friday morning, so dreading that a little bit! 2 weeks is such a long time for him to be away, I am not really looking forward to it. He does 1 or 2 night trips here and there and that is long enough away! Might have a few sleepovers at Nanny's (yes, I am a sook).

Have a lovely week!


Liz Weber said...

Oh I hope Hamish stays away - too scary all this bad weather and disasters we are having...

Gorgeous photos of Cooper and Kobi and I love the family pics - too sweet Stace.

Oops about the glimmer mist accident but you covered it up nicely. Your layouts are so colourful Stace.

KarenB said...
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KarenB said...

Oops that was my comment up there but it had a typo and looked rude so I deleted it!! (sorry). Loving those gorgeous photos Stace, and even your 'accidents' look amazing. Welcome to blogdom, looking forward to seeing more of your work.

KarenB said...

PS Stace... you've been tagged. One of the joys of blogging! Pop on over to my blog for the details.