Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogger Newbie!!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Finally have my own blog, thanks to all the help from Liz! I don't know why I am so hopeless on this thing called a computer. Oh well, bear with me, it's might be a slow process to get it exactly how I want but it's fun trying to work it all out!

Just tried uploading this piccie of my beautiful family. Bit small, I'll try again!

Okay, that's a better (I think)! Kobi being cheeky at about 10 weeks old........... he is almost 3 months now. How time flies! Going to have a bit more of play around now!

Have a beautiful day!

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Liz Weber said...

Woohoo Stace looking good so far - I am still looking up that other business but you sure made your blog look great - just love seeing those gorgeous family photos - far out Kobi has grown so quick.